Michael Jackson impersonator and celebrity singer in Orlando Vegas.  
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Danny is one of the nations top celebrity impersonators. 
Presenting a tribute to Michael Jackson.
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Welcome to Danny Ware Music - A Tribute to Michael Jackson. We mourn the tragic death and loss of a true pop superatr in Michael Jackson. Danny is the best Michael Jackson Celebrity Impersonator and details the Michael Jackson era of the 1980s and early 1990s. His remarkable natural resemblance, spectacular dance moves, and musical vocal stylings make Danny Ware one of the nations top celebrity impersonators, singer and artist. As an entertainer, artist, celebrity impersonator, Michael Jackson Impersonator, and singer, Danny has performed across the US including Orlando Florida, New York, LA and Las Vegas. At times during his performance, you will forget you are watching a Michael Jackson Celebrity Impersonator, and be captivated by the singer performer and his 80s music. Throughout his music career as a singer and Michael Jackson Celebrity Impersonator artist, Danny has studied details, from every song, dance move and pop music video from The King of Pop. Danny Ware is the total impersonator package - what happened is the look, the voice, the dance moves, and a professional tribute to The King of Pop - Michael Jackson. Contact us for all booking information regarding any celebrity impersonator convention, wedding, private party, corporate convention, corporate convention function or Michael Jackson Tribute Artist shows. Copyright 2008, All Rights Reserved - Danny Ware Music Singer, Orlando Florida, New York, LA and Las Vegas. Contact Danny's Michael Jackson Impersonator Music Producer at either of our Music Producers links.
We present a tribute not to the way he died, but to the way he lived. It was always the dance moves, history, news, biography, comeback and life story that was a thriller for Michael Jackson. The history of his music legacy included his best selling songs and videos from the Thriller album, and additional music he recorded with his brothers, The Jackson 5. Randy Jackson and his father often reflected on the the music of The Jackson 5. And, it was Randy Jackson and his father who often encouraged Michael on his solo music and recording career. Amid the trial news, comeback, funny news, and videos, Michael Jackson's legacy, history and life story endured. Songs such as Billie Jean, Beat It, and Thriller from the Thriller album have become some of the best selling records of all time. And the dance moves - well, the best Halloween dance moves ever. In your death, Rest in Peace Michael.
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